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Wine Tastings

Our Wine tastings are a great way to have a bit of informal fun. We can host them in a large venue, your front room or even your weekend rental cottage. We bring all the wine, glassware and sommelier. Our Wine Tasting packages, like all of our packages are fully personalised, whether you'd like to focus on a specific region, grape or have a full varied mix we can create a great event.


You can feel welcome to let your hair down fully if you please, along with our wine tasting we can cater for you on your friends too, Are you one for cheese with your wine, charcuterie maybe? We can provide the food also... feel free to enquire when booking and we will create a bespoke menu for you.

Dinner Parties

Want to have guests around but aren't quite a masterchef. Don't worry we can do all the cooking and serving for you! Our team will arrive at yours in the afternoon, set the table, cook the food, serve the drinks and clean up after you. The perfect way to host!

Celebration of life

In what is one of the hardest occasions to organise you'll find one of the most important. For many a celebration of life is about closure, about family and togetherness... we understand that paying your respects is a very sensitive stressful time for everybody. Our team will assist in anyway we can to make a send off as pain free as possible. 

We work closely with florists, room dressers & funeral directors where needed to ensure as little of the stress or pressure is on you.

Bespoke events

Our promise to you is that we will work with you to create any event you need, our options are endless. Whether its a celebration, corporate, personal, a party we can create the most memorable event for you.

Corporate events

Whether your organising a small client focused event with delicate canapes, a fresh, sustainable meal during a meeting break or a full business Christmas party we are happy to help. Our menus are fully adaptable to suit the premises chosen by you. 

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